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Electric Van, Metro Series

Electric Van, Metro Series

Mobile Catering Truck, Custom Food Van, Postal Service Vehicle, DIY Electric Car, Mobile Food Truck Builder, Custom Concession Trailer

The metro series multifunctional electric cargo van is designed to operate as a small delivery vehicle that is highly mobile and efficient. RAP provides custom electric vans for a wide variety of different applications ranging from food trucks, pizza delivery vans, juice carts, mail trucks, etc. Electric vehicles are proving to be more and more versatile as we continue to improve the range of their batteries and the zero emission operation is great for the environment.

All of our vans are powered by Chilwee batteries and this series is designed for city and private road use. The vans do not operate at highway speeds. The Metro series electric cargo van is available in 6 different body designs and 4 colors. They are designed with a spacious van body and relatively large carrying capacity, perfect for short-distance delivery.

For quality assurance, RAP has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and all of our products are in conformity with the standards of ECE N1-41 and E-mark.