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About Us

RAP is an expert electrical vehicle manufacturer funded by CHILWEE Group. We are expert in producing personalized electric van for a variety of applications, like mobile food truck, mail truck, coffee truck, cargo truck, just to name a few. RAP is now staffed by 143 people. Our factory takes up an area of 37579m2.

Why Choose Us

1. Support from CHILWEE
CHILWEE is a leading electric vehicle battery manufacturer in China. Under its support, we have two kinds of battery (lead-acid battery, lithium battery) provided for option. Additionally, we will offer different warming or cooling measures for users according to the ambient temperature.

2. Aesthetic appearance
RAP Intelligent van is of aesthetic design and small volume, enabling it to travel freely among the heavy traffic in a busy city. Hussar series electric van, a custom van among the large quantity of vehicles we have designed for customers, is designed following the image of the animated character, Shanmao.

3. Modular design
The body of our electric van employs a kind of easily-replaceable mini modular container, which is available in 6 types. The battery is allowed to be changed conveniently in a short time.

  • Cage box
  • Vanbox
  • Pick up
  • Flat bed
  • Canvas box
  • Refrigerated box
  • Alps white
  • Folrid red
  • Med. Sea
  • Sliver

4. Intelligent control
To make our vehicles smarter and safer, we have employed telematics box and an intelligent dashboard for them. Users can check the van's driving condition including the remaining battery power through an intelligent control system.

5. High security
RAP Intelligent van is designed with a van body structured by Aluminum frame and reinforced carbon fiber composite material to enhance its safety performance and carrying capacity, which is up to 500kg.

6. Customization service
RAP is specialized in offering users electric vehicle customization service. No matter what kind of electric van you want, recession trailer, home van, mobile fish and chip van, or mail lorry, we will completely fulfill your requirements. You can design the van's exterior and function as you like.