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Custom Electric Vehicle

Funded by Chilwee Group, RAP is an electric vehicle manufacturer with years of experience in the customization and fabrication of electric vans used for a wide variety of applications. In addition to our outstanding lineup of standard vehicles, we also work with customers to modify, rebuild or design completely custom small electric vans. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their zero emission operation and they are highly versatile in addition to efficient. Our products can be found almost anywhere: public transport, luggage delivery in airport, golf carts, sightseeing cars in resorts, delivery vehicles, mobile stalls, mobile street trucks, and mail trucks, just to name a few.

With support from Chilwee, one of the top battery manufacturers in the world, RAP is able to provide powerful and reliable vehicle batter solutions for our customers. We supply lithium ion and lead-acid battery types.

  • Cage box
  • Vanbox
  • Pick up
  • Flat bed
  • Canvas box
  • Refrigerated box

The most popular colors of our electric van include, Alps white, Folrid red, Med. Sea, and Sliver.

  • Alps white
  • Folrid red
  • Med. Sea
  • Sliver

RAP provides graphics application onto our vans for your advertising needs.

Design Team

The design team of RAP is made up of industry experts that have years of experience in the design and fabrication of electric vehicles. Here are some of our designers.

Designer: Hou Zhikai
Work experience: 10 years
Job: senior car maintenance engineer
Main projects: the general superintendent of the Metro and Hussar series electric van projects

Designer: Li Shufeng
Work experience: 12 years
Job: metal structure and welding
Main projects: in charge of the Hussar series electric cargo van project

Designer: Huang Caiming
Work experience: 12 years
Job: mechanical engineer

Main projects
1. The design, assembly and arrangement solutions for Metro series electric van
2. The battery box design for Metro series electric van
3. The design of the all-aluminum structure for the Hussar series cargo van, and welding inspection.
4. Inspecting the supplier of refrigerated compartments
5. Battery heating solutions for the Metro series electric van

Designer: Wang Yuxiu
Work experience: 10 years
Job: engineer

Main projects
1. The establishment of MBOM, the management of maintenance project, and budget monitoring
2. Schedule management and budget monitoring of Hussar and Metro series electric van

Designer: Su Xiangchao
Work experience: 4 years
Job: project supervisor

Main projects
1. The design of van body rapid replacement system and van body structure
2. Development of accessories of Hussar series cargo van

Electric Van Assembly Line
  • Front body assembly line
  • Chassis production line 1
  • Chassis production line 2
  • Accessory assembly line (windows, seats, steering wheel, etc.)
  • Checking whether the accessories have been assembled well and completely
  • Rain test and road test
Quality Inspection
  • Headlight test
  • Shaft weight test
  • Rain test
  • Appearance detection
Choose a Van to Start Your Journey
  • Metro series electric cargo van
  • Hussar series electric cargo van