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R&D Capacity

Our R&D team is made up of many talented individuals who have accumulated years of experience in the automotive industry. Listed here is a full procedure of our electric van custom conversion service.

1. Customer need analysis
We meet with customers and/or have them send us detailed designs/drawings to understand their specific requirements.

2. Exterior design
The exterior and configuration of the custom made electric truck is determined based on analysis of the customer demands.

3. Engineering design
The engineering data and technical parameters of the DIY electric vehicle are designed according to the performance and function information the clients have provided us with.

4. Sample making
Once a sample van is finished, we will test its accessories, driving performance and then do some modification basing on the test results.

5. Client confirmation
We will let customers to sample and modify the vehicle's performance according to their suggestions.

6. Mass production
The van will be put into mass production after all of the performance tests are completed.