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Electric Van Motor
RAP possesses a world leading motor system, which features high rotating speed and large torque. It contributes to improve the safety and reliability of our electric van.

Electric Van Battery
RAP provides 2 kinds of battery, respectively lithium-ion battery and lead-acid battery, all of which are supported by CHILWEE. They are distinguished for low cost, high safety degree, small volume, light weight, large capacity, and long service life.

Battery type / lithium-ion battery lead-acid battery
Battery weight kg 220 450
Weight (without battery) kg 700
Nominal voltage V 144 72
Available battery energy kwh 24 14.4
Battery capacity Ah 167 /
Standard discharge current A 84 /
Max enlarged current (10s) A 334 /
Standard charging current A 23 /
Max charging current (30s) A 84 /
Charging time h 7~8

Electric Van Body
RAP provides various kinds of body for electric vans, among which there are catering and stake type for Hussar series van, and 6 types for Metro series, including gate box, van box, pick up, flat bed, and canvas box, etc.

Our custom electric car is available in diversified door opening systems, including double rear door and double side door, etc. Users can choose different van bodies and opening styles according to different applications.

  • Cage box
  • Vanbox
  • Pick up
  • Flat bed
  • Canvas box
  • Refrigerated box
  • Alps white
  • Folrid red
  • Med. Sea
  • Sliver

In RAP, van bodies are fabricated from fiber reinforced polymer for light weight structure and high strength. Modular design is employed so the van bodies can be changed quickly and conveniently.