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Quality Inspection

Spare part inspection
In the quarantine area, the accessories purchased will be checked one by one in terms of dimension, exterior appearance, and performance. Only those qualified will be received into the warehouse.

Inspection in manufacturing
We have established a complete quality inspection system throughout the whole production process. Our inspectors are required to check the accessories before and after the assembly process to ensure the quality of our electric vehicles.

Inspection for finished vehicle
a. The preliminarily-finished electric vans will be inspected in terms of appearance, accessory, function, performance, illumination, signal device, painting, dimension, and interior structure.
b. We will have a wheel positioning and correction process to ensure that the vehicle drives reliably and safely.

Driving system inspection

  • This part involves speed detection (driving at 40km/h)
  • Braking and shaft weight test
  • Headlight test
  • Side slop test

Rain test
A rain test is necessary to check the insulation performance of the van body and spare parts, as well as the working condition of the electric van under standard rain intensity. The rain test lasts for 10 minutes.

Road test
The finished vehicle will be tested to drive on a bumpy road, rugged road, stone road, and pebble road. We will check whether there is noise during driving and the vehicle's braking performance.

Audit review
Here we will have customers to experience and appraise our electric vehicles.

Chassis inspection
This line is set to check whether the torque of each bolt has reached the standard and whether there is leakage phenomenon of the cleaning and braking fluid.

CP7 test
CP7 test involves appearance detection, dimension detection (door flatness, space test, etc.), and performance test (air conditioning system, battery, motor, electric control).

CP8 test
CP8 test means a confirmation that all of the inspection procedures have been accomplished.

PDI test
The electric vehicles are received into the warehouse.